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Title Medallions

Redeem your title medallions

Club members who achieve an ANKC Agility, Jumping or Games title during the claendar year, may be entitled to receive a Club Medallion at our presentations at the end of the year.

Medallions can be redeemed using our online form. Up to 10 title certificates or qualification cards can be uploaded via the form - please either take photos of your certificates or scan them as proof of eligibility. Extra certificates can be emailed through to


Terms and conditions:

  • Titles eligible for medallions are: Novice, Excellent & Master in both Agility and Jumping along with Open Agility, Open Jumping and Agility Champion plus titles in all three games.

  • Multiples of any title are eligible for free medallions.

  • A total of 3 Medallions per dog will be presented to members who have attend at least 50% of training nights within the calendar year and are financial members during that period (you may request medallions for other titles earned at a cost of $15 each).

  • Financial members who have not attended 50 per cent of training nights within the calendar year may purchase medallions at $15 each.

  • Proof of eligibility of a title in the form of qualification cards or title certificate must be sighted at the time of lodgement.

  • Deadline for titles: 31 October each year.

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