ADC Committee;

Agility Dog Club of NSW elects their committee at their Annual General Meeting. This takes place October each year. 

2020-2021 Committee

President: Kate Parry-Rice

Vice President: Ryan Fonti

Treasurer: Zara MacAlister

Secretary: Lisa Adam

Trial Secretaries: Dot Drescik and Cathryn Lane

Media Officer: Shell Gurney

Trophy Stewards: Catherine Egan and Tania King

Equipment Manager: Ryan Fonti

Instructor Roster: Jess Isaacs

Ordinary Committee Members: Cathryn Lane, Robyn Jones, Eva-Lotta Baad Peach, Jess Isaacs

Current Vacancies

Chief Instructor

Assistant Secretary

Sponsorship Coordinator

Social Media Officer (Media Subcommittee)

Instructor Subcommittee

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