Experienced Handlers

Joining the club as an experienced handler.

If you have trained a dog in agility the past, or are currently training your dog elsewhere and want to join ADC, we welcome you to attend one of our assessment nights.

Our assessment nights are held on the 4th Wednesday of the month and will run you and each dog you would like to train at ADC through a simple skills test to determine where you're both at in your agility journey. 

We're expecting our intakes to fill quickly and there may not always be room in a class for you to begin training your dog immediately. If this is the case, your dog will be waitlisted for the class and when a spot becomes available, you will be able to begin.

2021 Assessment Night Dates:

June Assessment Night
Registrations now open | Assessment to be held 23 June

July Assessment Night
Registrations open July 1 |  Assessment to be held 28 July
August Assessment Night

Registrations open August 1 |  Assessment to be held 25 August

September Intake
Registrations open September 1 | Assessment to be held 22 September

October Intake

Registrations open October 1 | Assessment to be held 27 October

November Intake
Registrations open November 1 | Assessment to be held 24 November

How it works:

Prior to the the night, you will need to fill out our Assessment Night Registration form. Due to class capacity and volunteer availability, assessment spots will be capped - spots on Assessment Night will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Please do not come to the club on Assessment Night if you have not filled in the form as we are unable to assess anyone who hasn't pre-registered.

On the night, you will need to be at the grounds to check in at 8:15pm for an 8:30pm start. Please come to the office and sign in prior to getting your dog out of the car. Unfortunately if you are not checked in by 8:30pm, we will not be able to assess you and you will need to re-register for the next intake.

You will need to bring your dog/s on a removable lead (no tags to be attached to the collar if your dog runs with it's collar still on) and bring whatever reward system you want to use (food, tug etc.). Dogs will be assessed individually, and you are able to bring more than one dog on the night. We ask that you bring any dog you plan on training at ADC.

Once your dog has been assessed, you will be told which class your dog has been allocated to and given a link to a form to fill in to join the club. If there is space in the class for your dog, you will be able to train at the next Thursday night ADC holds training.