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Agility Dog Club of NSW presents its awards at their annual Christmas Party.

ADC Awards;

Club Competitions

Since 1992, the Agility Dog Club of NSW has run a club competition for its upper classes. Over the years it has evolved and changed to keep in line with ANKC rules. 


As well as achknologing the overall winners we have had a variety of 'special' awards:


Keep Plugging Away Award is given to a team who might be trying to over come some difficulties in training as a reminder to never give up!

Gundog Snap Award is named after the gundog breeds (GSP's etc) as they are known to sometimes lose their mind on course and you never know what is going to happen. Therefore this award given to a team who do something that makes everyone laugh at a trial. Over the years we have seen it been awarded to dogs who refuse to come off obstacles, chase birds on course or even go under not over jumps just to name a few!

Look on the images below to see individual years!

Gold Cup:

The Gold Cup is award to a dog/handler team of ADC who has made an outstanding contribution  to agility both at club, state and/or national level. It is not awarded every year and can only be achieved once in a dogs life time. 

Click on the handler and dog's name to read their bio!

Life Members:

In July 1999 it was decided after much discussion that ADC will award members with Life Membership. In order to receive Life Membership the following critera must be met:

1. A minimum of 10 years continuous membership

2. A total of 5 years' service on the Committee, and/or have contributed outstanding services to the Club which, in the opinion of 75% of the full Committee, qualify a member for Life Membership

Congratulations to the following people who have obtained Life Membership at Agility Dog Club of NSW. 

Russell Clarke - 2005

Gillian Elven - 2005

Graham Elven - 2005

Ron Forsyth (deceased) - 2005

Alison Heap - 2005

Jean Morris (deceased) - 2005

Ann Tomlinson - 2005

Ron Swager - 2005

Catherine Millard - 2005

Warren Millard - 2005

Patricia Walsh - 2008

Rob Johnson - 2008

Val Leslie - 2010

Paul Enriquez - 2015

Elga Enriquez - 2015

Robyn Jones - 2016

Elizabeth Yuill -  2017

Vanessa Dowson - 2017

Mal Williams - 2018

Michelle Oldfield - 2019

Tania King - 2020

Agility Champions:

Obtaining your Agility Championship is the highest title given to any dog in agility. This means they have obtained their novice, excellent and master titles in both Jumping and Agility as well as earning 500 points in both Agility and Jumping. Points are obtained by having a clear run, extra points are given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.


Prior to 2011 dogs competed for their championship against all heights, meaning it was harder to obtain. These days it goes against your dogs height which they compete. 

Congratulations to the following ADC teams who have achieved their Agility Championship!


2019 Agility Champions.PNG


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