History of the Agility Dog Club of NSW

The Agility Dog Club of NSW was founded at its inaugural general meeting on the 18th October 1989. Since then we have seen the club and sport grow and change over the past 30 years. 

Some interesting stories from the past...

1978- Invention of Agility

Crufts England- John Varley was tasked with coming up with entertainment for the audience between the obedience and conformation competitions in the main ring . Varley asked dog trainer Peter Meanwell for assistance, and they presented a largely jumping-style course resembling something from the equestrian world to demonstrate dogs' natural speed and agility.

1983- Draft Agility Rules in Australia were created.

1989- Agility Dog Club of NSW was founded.

18th of October 1986.
Chairman/ Instructor: Graham Elven
Vice Chairman / Chief Instructor: Robert Loftus
Secretary: Gillian Elven
Treasurer/ Instructor: Alison Heap
Instructors: Ron Forsythe, Jean Morris & Teresa Goldrick
Newsletter (Artwork/Printing): Joan Cook
Equipment Officer: Mark Woodcroft

June 1992- Agility Conference

11 Sept 1993-

First Bayer/Drontal Challenge Final

What in the future will be known as the Australian Agility Nationals. 
First one was held in Adelaide. 
Photo of the winning team ADC own 'Speed to Burn' 
L to R: Warren Millard  & TOTO, Alister Hort & TEDDY, Dawn Hort & MINDY and Pat Walsh & ANNIKA


Basic differences between Australian Agility VS International.

Old videos from the past...

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